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Coming August 2024 in the UK and North America! #KillForHer

You'd do anything to protect your child. Even if she's a monster...

In LA Times Book Prizewinner Stuart Neville’s daring foray into horror fiction, a mother takes desperate measures to protect her daughter in a sinister, blood-chilling highway pursuit across the Southwest.


On a snowy December night, single mother Rebecca Carter drives her van into a snowbank to avoid hitting an elk on a desolate mountain highway. She is at the end of her rope, out of money and food. Still, she refuses help from a man in a pickup truck—Rebecca’s adolescent daughter, Moonflower, is on the run from a grisly secret, and the last thing they can afford is to be remembered by anyone they meet.


Meanwhile, Special Agent Marc Donner of the FBI has spent the better part of two years hunting down a gruesome serial killer who drains victims of blood before severing their spinal cords, leaving a trail of bodies across the country. As Agent Donner’s investigation brings him closer and closer to where Rebecca and Moonflower are hiding out, in the foothills of Colorado, the life that Rebecca has fought so hard to hold together for her daughter becomes increasingly imperiled.


In this deadly, high-stakes game of cat and mouse by the Los Angeles Times Book Prize–winning author of The Ghosts of Belfast, nobody is safe and nothing is certain—not even the line between predator and prey.

"Stuart Neville at his very, very best—this book grabs your heart and doesn't let go." - Ruth Ware

"Thrilling, heartbreaking, and completely compelling. My heart was in my throat the whole time." - Alex North

“An action-packed thriller, the mid-way twist in this book will leave you as breathless as several victims on the pages of this relentlessly-paced and unexpectedly moving story as the reader is propelled towards the truly shocking conclusion. Bravo Stuart Neville! Utterly brilliant.” - Liz Nugent

“At its core, Blood Like Mine is the story of a mother's unconditional love for her daughter, and that gives everything that happens – the growing horror, the murders, the frantic desperation – an almost unbearable emotional punch. I've not read anything quite like this before, and once it sank its teeth in, I was utterly gripped . . . and I'm eager for more.” - Tim Lebbon

BLOOD LIKE MINE will be published in August 2024 by Simon & Schuster (UK and Ireland) and Hell's Hundred (North America), a new imprint of Soho Press.

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